Spire Sports + Entertainment is a talent management and sports sponsorship consulting agency with more than a decade of experience in motorsports.


- As a driver, you want to make it to the highest level of professional motorsports that is possible. How do you get there? Sure, your ability is important, as is your marketability and sponsorship appeal. But what if there was a way you could accelerate your journey to the top?

- While we are not a perfect fit for everyone, Spire’s long standing experience and reputation allow us to remove barriers and unlock your true potential. We are able to accelerate your journey by using our relationships to put you in the best possible position to succeed.

- Spire Sports + Entertainment’s driver management division is made up of seasoned veterans who have managed a variety of drivers ranging from high profile names in NASCAR, IndyCar and IMSA to local grassroots drivers and young superstars in the making.


- As a sponsorship decision maker, you may face some tough questions throughout the process. How do I know I am getting a fair deal? How do I know I am paying a fair price? Who is going to manage this sponsorship program once it is executed? Who is going to lockdown all of the little details that can determine whether or not this sponsorship works?

- Spire Sports + Entertainment’s consulting division is made up of seasoned veterans who have developed and represented a wide range of expansive programs with Fortune 500 companies, local mom-n-pops and venture capital startups.

- Like we say, we aren’t always a fit for everyone, but if you want to make sure your sponsorship is properly secured, managed and executed - contact Spire and learn how we can help.